I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sister Mena- Best Member Missionary!

View from Elder Graham's bedroom: the mountain we climbed today
Top of the Mountain
Doing the "O" on the top of the mountain

Elder Whittaker and Elder Graham

View from our bathroom
Our Balcony

Hey there. I did love
conference. I watched it in the stake center which was my old Don Bosco
building. The people I watched it with weren’t as fun as the last time
but conference was still great. My favorite talk which may be one of my
favorites ever was Elder Uchtdorfs first talk. When he talked about how
compared to God we’re nothing but to him we are everything. It was an
amazing talk. It made me think of my last high adventure when dad talked
to us about how there are countless stars and we are like the stars but God
knows and loves each of us. Which was your favorite conference talk?
I’m putting on my ipod a bunch of the talks from last weekend
Today we took a vigorous hike to the top of a huge mountain.
Remember the mountain we went to for my 1 month check up? well we went
there but to the top top of that mountain and there’s a giant cross on top.
It was absolutely beautiful and ridiculously tiring. It’s
completely straight up. And on the way back down we decided to take a
different route and got lost and did some pretty intense mountain jungle
climbing to get back down.

I have started to see a little of what being a district
leader is. Thursday I went to don bosco to meet a family that they’re
teaching and Friday I had to do my first baptismal interviews! So I didn’t
work in my area for a few days. And Thursday i had my district meeting
and Friday was a zone meeting and all the dls had to do a training about
something for the whole zone then present their district goals and their plan
to meet them. A little tiring but it was good. I liked doing the
interviews but I was way nervous before them.

As far as investigators I have to tell you about a sister in
our ward named Sister Mena. She is nuts but in a good way. She’s
the best missionary I’ve ever met. She contacts people in the streets.
Anyways she contacted a lady in the street like a month ago and got her
phone number and said she could visit her with us and then when she called to get
an appointment the lady changed her mind so nothing happened. There’s a
sheet that we use with the members where they write down a bunch of names of
people they know and they pray for those people and we work with the members to
contact them. Anyways she told me that she filled out that paper and
prayed for over an HOUR with that list and when she was done she got a phone
call from that lady and told her to bring us over. When we got there the
next day she told us that she had a dream with me and Elder Reinoza and Sister Mena
and others, before she ever met me and we were really happy and doing joyful
things on a cloud and she was miserable on the ground and wanted to be where we
were. So she called Sister Mena and then we came over. And then she
asked us what she needs to do to be where we are on that cloud. She and
her kids are getting baptized on the 15th. An awesome expierience of the
power that members have in missionary work when they really want to.

Now that were only 4 in the
house we moved to the 3rd level in the building were in that’s smaller and sooo
sick! There’s a balcony outside and all the walls are basically glass.

Wellll, gotta go!
Love you, Elder Graham

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