I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Have Posterity!!

My brand spanking new companion....Elder Cherrington!
Baptism of Damaris's grandaughter
Cutest little girl!

Hey mom! Some news! I have posterity! I’m
a trainer! I’m training a gringo! Which almost never happens.
His name is Elder Cherrington. Hess from Orem and basically doesn’t
speak any Spanish. But he’s so excited about everything and I know he’s
gonna whip me into shape. He seems very humble and very very excited about

After changes we had a special meeting with President Galvez
and he explained to us the new training program. We have 2 hours of
companionship study every day and we have a book that we need to follow that
tells us what to study every day. Along with a portable DVD player and
dvds of examples and things to watch in our comp studies. In the meeting I
looked around at the other trainers and everyone had been zone leaders and 2
had been APs. President told us that we are the elite and the chosen of
the mission and that the trainers are the best of the best and that we are
there not only because president has complete trust in us but because the lord
does. It was pretty special and makes me feel a little overwhelmed.
If I mess up in the slightest I’m done.

But everything will be good! All the baptisms for this
weekend are solid! And I’m pretty excited that the first weekend of his
mission he’s gonna baptize. I took him around San Jose and explained the
important things and bought him some fruit that he’d never seen. I did
get the package. Thank you so much. I am currently uploading the music
from the flash drive.

At changes meeting a ton of people came up to me and told me
that they saw my brother. I didn’t believe them. I am pretty speechless
about all of it. I just wish he would have told me he was coming so I
could have told him some important things to do and see.

The District is doing good.
It really has amazed me how much revelation I really get to receive for
my district. I haven’t had any issues for ideas for anything. Ideas
just come to my head. Last week we had a zone conference and I had to
present our goals and my plans to meet them in front of president. I was
a little nervous because he always chops every leader’s head but he didn’t cut
mine! Being district leader I feel like is being like a dad. I have
to look how to help everyone in my district but things to really help them.
I can’t be too strict or to loose with them and I have to guide them but
not do it for them.
I’m out. Love you mom.
Elder Graham

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