I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Great Week!

Baptism of Damaris, Pablo and Paulina

Damaris, Pablo, Paulina

Well. We had a baptism last week. It went pretty good.
Training has been the most trying thing I have ever done. I was reading the attributes of Christ in preach my gospel and every single one is tried in training. He always says that he has no idea what to do and so he just follows me and does exactly what I do. Which is nice sometimes but I have to be so careful always. I really have to be perfect. The hard part is doing everything.
Literally everything and more. I feel like I’m making a documentary. Because someone just follows me and I have to explain literally every single thing I’m doing. But the good part is that I feel good helping him. We get 2 hours of comp study and we watch videos and stuff in the
house and he thinks I’m the best missionary in the world. After every lesson he tells me that I killed it.
President Galvez called the other night for the ZLs and I picked up and he asked me how I was feeling. He told me that I was going against every norm training a gringo because he needs
extra help with the language and that he trusted in my Spanish to help him. I feel really bad because he really wants to help more in lessons but he doesn’t understand anything and really can’t say anything. I don’t say that to bash him. He really tries and is the most humble kid I’ve ever met but it makes things very very difficult. I had him baptize on Saturday so he already has
baptized in his first 3 days.

We have set a goal to find a new family to teach every single day and Thursday we hadn’t found one and it was 8:15 PM. So we went to start knocking doors and in this country people go
to bed at 8 and get really mad when you knock their door past like 7:30 but he had to find our family. I knocked several doors and everyone was getting mad at me. So I finally told him it was his turn. He knocked his first door in his mission and a lady came out and he said in super broken Spanish that he had a message for her family and she said ok. And then he looked
at me not knowing what to do at that point and so I talked to her and for maybe the 3rd time in my mission (the first time was MY first door knocked) knocking doors people let us right in. She had a beautiful family of 3 and I alone had to teach the first lesson.

But I’m offf.. And we’re going to go to pricemart today, the store like costco. Will you pay me
back for the things I buy there? thanksss..

Love, Elder Graham

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