I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Week in the City

There’s a family from California that was in don bosco for 3 months while the dad was working and they always had us over for dinner. They don’t speak Spanish so we would go to the primary to translate for them. The dad is from India so they always made us Indian food and they
eat the rice with their hands. So that’s us eating with our hands. For some reason the kids who were always jumping all over us got really shy when I wanted to take a picture with them.

Well hey there. I don’t feel like much is new. Last week we found 3 families that we taught and all got really excited about baptism and then they all had to get married and they all wanted to get married. But 2 of them need to get divorced from their old husband/wife to be able to get
married. And the other one came here from Nicaragua when she was little and has no id or passport or any sort of papers. She’s basically a ghost. So those were all very exciting moments that got really discouraging. I’ve already called the lawyer about all the cases and he’s already
gotten the divorces going though. But a divorce takes from 1-3 months. So we will see how they come out.

Training is coming along great. I’ve never been so tired in my life. I never have time to even sit between district stuff and then working.

Next Monday and Tuesday there’s a 2 day leaders conference with all the district and zone leaders and elder Martino who is in the presidency of the area of central America will be there. We will have to present our goals from last month with what we met and what we didn’t meet. President Galvez and he will just be sitting in chairs right in front of me with all the rest of the leaders behind them. But we already met our district goal so that’s good.

Last week I went to Hatillo in my district to do a baptismal interview and I didn’t go on divisions. I took Elder Cherrington with me. When we got there the lady was just completely set
on not being baptized. Elder Solomon who is also training and I had about 2 hours of her saying no and we just had the best lesson and it ended with me doing the interview and her being baptized. That was my first real call as a district leader to fix a problem with someone’s investigator.

Today we played soccer.

Last week price mart was good I bought a bunch of stuff! Peanut butter, instant oatmeal, a giant thing of Gatorade powder that will finish my mission, etc.

I gotta go. love you.
Elder G

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