I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

The pics of the little kids are so cute! Those are the silliest little guys. I’ve asked several times and no one has told me does Calvin wear glasses?

That’s soo exciting about Nick Hess’s job! They really have been called to serve their lives in the Portland area. I’m hoping I am too.

Happy Halloween! What’re you guys doing for Halloween? We’re celebrating by getting our heads chopped off. As a zone we didn’t meet our goal. But As a district we did! Hopefully that will save me a little.

Elder Cherrington is good. He does make me think of me a year ago but he’s a little different. He’s a much more quiet person then me. With members and people he’s not quite as crazy. I’m always running around chasing the little kids and joking around with the members so that they feel comfortable with me. You can see that he’s a way good hardworking missionary but he’s just gotta come out of his shell a little. Yesterday we were walking in the street with a member and I was chatting with the member and all of a sudden I looked around and didn’t know where my comp was. I looked back and a block behind he was contacting a guy alone. That’s something I wouldn’t have done a year ago. He teaches me a ton. He’s a very sincere missionary that just wants to do the right thing at all times. We set a family and a man over 18 as our goal for November and that’s something that if you set and don’t get everyone hates you and you just get your head destroyed. So I haven’t set it in a while. But we knew we could do it so we’re working hard to do everything possible to do it. He’s my first comp since Elder Felipe that really doesn’t hold me back. I can work as hard as I want, be as obedient as I want and he will never complain. I’m really in the best work rhythm I’ve ever been in.

I got a weird allergic reaction last week.. I thought, where on all my joints I had weird spots like mosquito bites that itched a ton. I called the mission nurse and she explained that that’s just a result of being tired and stressed.

I can tell that the lord knew I couldn’t handle stress before the mission so he puts it on me where I have no choice but to perform. Before the mission when I has stresses about school or anything I would just run away from it. If I was worried about a class or homework, instead of being stressed about it I just wouldn’t go. Or I wouldn’t do it. And I would just try and forget about it. But the lord put me into a place where I have to do stuff and I don’t have a choice. I can’t run. I have to work under high expectations. I’m a training district leader. Really probably the hardest thing to do, because even as zone leader you have a companion who’s a zone leader. But I just have to do it all. And I have no doubt that that’s not by accident. The lord puts leaders and trainers there because they have a lot to learn.
Alright I’m out. Love you. Elder G.

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