I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Elder Graham and Elder Stephens and their "kids"

Great big old moth

Hey thereee.. First off the leadership conference was absolutely amazing. The things that President Galvez talked about in that meeting were nuts. He did some serious head chopping because last month was the worst month in a very long time. But he decided to teach us about heavenly father. He had a 3 hour presentation about our heavenly father that was the most intense and epic presentation I’ve ever seen. It was the most powerful thing ever and may have changed my life and the way I think about the world.

I did the divisions during the conference with Elder Portillo. He was my ZL in Moravia and just went from being ap. He was pretty good to work with.
Last week I did divisions in Hatillo and me and Elder Solomon stood up and preached very loudly in a very full bus. I want more than anything a picture of me preaching in a bus. It was a definite adrenalin rush and I finally found someone to do it with me. We went through and got 5 people who said they we could come to their houses to teach them from the bus preaching.

As far as working it has been really tough. We have just been contacting and knocking doors like crazy. We had 15 appointments fall through Wednesday and Thursday so we decided that we needed to change the members here. That has been very tough because the missionaries before us have all been soo lazy and everyone in the ward has hated them. One of them is in Don Bosco and still goes to my area to see a girl every time he gets a chance and members see him and it makes us look terrible. So we decided to make a survey and we have been going around to every single member and asking a few questions. For example we ask the people to think of the best missionary that they’ve met and to describe the things they did to make them so good. Then, we did the same but basically asked about the worst ones and what made them so bad. And I asked what we could do to be better and what they thought they could do to make the work better here in Paso Ancho. It has gotten better in these few days. I asked to give a talk this Sunday to get people excited so we will see if we can make changes.
Today we had our one month check up for Elder Cherrington. This is the meeting where I went to that mountain with President Galvez, but they don’t go to the mountain anymore. We just went and had meetings with president and the aps. We had a meeting in president’s office with only the trainers and he said that we are the kings of this mission and that we really truly are the best missionaries in the mission right now and we have a longer lasting affect than anyone else in
the mission. Because we basically decide how good the next generation of missionaries are. It felt pretty good to have him praising us so much. And tomorrow we have interviews so that should be pretty good.

I met a new missionary today that’s serving in la Rita right now and he said that his parents found and read my blog and that they sent him pictures from my blog.
I gotta go. I love you all.
Elder Graham

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