I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Tutorial for Passion Fruit Juice

1. This is passion fruit. First you cut them in half. Then you put them in
boiling water
2. Then you blend it up with water and sugar and strain it. Then you put in more
water and sugar

3 passion fruits make 4 liters of the most delicious fresco. It’s super super sour and citrusy you blend the whole fruit. We also made a starfruit one last week. and a fruit called cas. At walmart here you buy packs of 3 for a dollar

Heyy there! That’s pretty exciting about Oregon
beating Stanford. I talk us up pretty big here with all the Utah kids so it’s
nice to come to zone meetings after knowing that we won and Utah keeps losing.
It’s good to let everyone know where the powers at.

Interviews last week were pretty good. Mine was the
longest I’ve ever had. One of our zone leaders kept coming to my area to
see a girl. A member from Paso Ancho called President Galvez and so we had a
long talk about everything that he had done. and he was then given e changes.
So theres a new ZL in the house.

I’ve really been enjoying the meetings/interviews with
president lately. He always asks my opinions about things and talks about
my ideas. He doesn’t always just teach me he always asks what I think
about things. It’s really cool to have these types of conversations with
him because he is a man that will no doubt be a seventy and he is valuing my
ideas and opinions.

We had a pretty awful week last week as far as not being
able to teach many people. But we have been really getting in better with
all the members and we’re getting them to start working. Every day this
week we have appointments set with references in the houses of the members and
all of them supposedly are all legitimately already interested. So we are
hoping to have a good week even though the past 3 or so have been absolutely

I stood up and preached again
in the bus but I did it with Elder Cherrington but he was afraid and can’t
really speak well enough to do it so I did it all alone. Some people pay
attention and listen and sound interested but the majority completely ignore
me. We’re not really getting a whole lot of success from it but we’re also not
getting a whole lot of success from anything so I’m going around challenging
everyone in the streets and buses to be baptized in hopes of finding one.

Alright I’m out. Love

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