I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Streak is Over

Elder Cherrington~Elder Graham~Elder Reimschizzle

As a joke before the meeting I asked to get a picture with Elder
Reimschizzle because he was leaving and turns out that my joke came true

Heyy therrree. How can that even be possible about Oregon
losing? What happened?

Today was changes but we had it on Monday this time.
So it was pretty nuts. All this week we kept saying that Elder
Reimshizzle was gonna go AP then we found out that he didn’t have changes.
But I kept saying that he was gonna go AP and they were gonna surprise
him with changes. It was basically a joke. In every prayer we
blessed Elder Reimshizzle in his new calling as AP and he was getting really
mad and annoyed but we kept saying it anyway. and sure enough he went AP today.

Soo there was a Zone leader spot and an open spot in our
house and the greatest thing happened. Elder Stevens from the MTC was
called to fill that spot. So we get to be roommates again for a change.
I’m pretty happy about it.

This week things have gotten a touch better but I realized
that the personal goal Elder Reimshizzle I had to baptize every month this year
won’t happen because I won’t baptize this month. The streak is over.
But things look pretty good for December so were hoping for big things

So I’m not sure if you’re gonna send me a Christmas package.
But if you do. The only thing that I request is that I want to give
a Christmas present to sister Mena. She is the greatest and told me that
she was gonna get me something so I told her i would get her something but here
there’s really nothing cool I could give her. But I was thinking about
some nice framed picture of Christ or something like that from Deseret book.
Her house is a very humble one so something like that she would freak out
about. She deserves something nice for everything she does for us.

We have started going to the mutual activities just to teach
all the young men. About 40 young men show up to their mutuals because they
just have a 20 minute message then they play soccer. 85% aren’t members so we
have gone the past 2 weeks and we teach all of them. It has been fun
because the way the places are around here in Paso Ancho all the kids just hang
out in the street all the time. Everyone knows everyone so no matter where we
go we know everyone and all the kids in the streets and they yell heyy elders!!
And the idea is to get in with all the families of the kids. But it’s
a process. But it has been fun to work with them. It gets me
excited to be a high school teacher. Along with that we have started
teaching English classes on Saturdays for everyone to come for free.
EVERYONE in this country wants to learn English so we get a decent turn out and
it makes me excited to be a Spanish teacher.

We have an investigator named
Jennifer who is a 24 year old girl who had a baby 3 months premature and it has
been in the hospital 2 months with 5 holes in his heart and it finally died on Friday
and when it died that night she took the body home with her and slept with
it... She slept holding its hand. Quite possibly the creepiest
thing I’ve ever heard.
Yesterday at sacrament meeting
it was pretty fun. I was just sitting there hanging out and the first speaker
spoke and then we sang the intermediate hymn.
Then the bishop stood up and said ok, now we will hear from our concluding
speaker, Elder Graham. I looked at him like you’ve gotta be kidding me.
Then I looked at the time and I had 25 minutes to speak. And
literally not even 5 seconds to prepare. I stood up with absolutely no
idea what to say. They have called on me before but they let me know
before it starts because someone didn’t show up and asedk me to speak for like
5 minutes. But I guess they planned for a long time that I was the
speaker just no one let me know. I was even in the PEC meeting before
church and no one said anything to me about it. So I had to whip
something up without any preparation whatsoever. And after I got more
compliments on that talk than ever before.

Sooo I had to take some money out to pay for part of a divorce and a little for christmas prresents... can you check my account, and maybe put some money in? Thanks Mom

Annnnndddddd……I’m out! Love you,
Elder Graham

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