I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Carl's Jr. comes to San Jose! Happy Day!

The outside of my house.
The bottom floor is a restaurant. The 2nd floor is where we used to live and
the top is where we now live. Yepp a supperrr haggard part of town. All
night we get woken up by gangs fighting outside.

Hello. How was thanksgiving? Who all came to dinner? I completely forgot about thanksgiving until my bishop late in the evening told us happy thanksgiving and asked us if black Friday was real in the states. He didn’t really believe me. Did you go do your black Friday shopping this year with the Deb Meister?

On Friday night we were walking through San Jose and we turned a corner and saw the most glorious sight. Carls Jr! That may sound silly to you but there is now Carls Jr in Costa Rica! We then cancelled our lunch for Saturday to go and it was the nicest restaurant ever. There are waitresses that come to your table and bring you honey mustard and refill your pop and such. It’s the nicest restaurant in this country.

Today I’m hitting 2 thirds of my mission, which is so crazy. I still feel brand new here.

We have a family that just needs to get their divorce through so they can get married and then
baptized. We’ve been waiting over a month now for it to go through and the second it does they will be baptized and married. In their house their mom was a Jehovah Witness and died 3 weeks ago in the house. Ever since they haven’t felt good in the house, so Friday they asked us to bless their house. When we kneeled down to do it and I said the blessing I felt a blanket of the spirit cover me and when we finished they were all crying. The house just felt much brighter and happier. It was a cool experience to see the night and day difference so quickly of the blessing of a house that needed it.

Today we’re making final purchases for the Christmas packages and sending them. I’m gonna need to take out some cash for all that and maybe a decent amount.. Could you cover that??

Buttt i gotta go.
Love you.
Elder G.

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