I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Week Nine in the MTC!

It is soo weird to be finally leaving! It feels great that I have worked so hard here for so long and that I will actually get to get out of here to use it. All our district goals this week we set very high so we have been working really hard to bust them out. I definately can't afford to slack off this week. I need to really try and learn everything I can because I know when I get there I'm gonna feel like I don't know anything.

It is gonna feel very weird to say goodbye to Elder Willis. We have been together every second of every day. There are 12 missionaries going to Costa Rica with me all from other districts. Ive met a few. I'm pretty sure I will just be put with Elder Miller and Stevens for the flight so that should be fun.

There are big ploblems right now with getting visas from Mexico and Brazil so everyone is getting reassigned to other places. I haven't seen anyone go to Mexico on time. There were some in my zone who had to get reassigned to Salt Lake City until it came in.

I bought the phone card yesterday I couldnt find "annie" but the girl there explained to me how to use it. It shouldn't be a problem.

I'm flying on American Airlines. Sorry I don't have the flight number, my itinerary is in my room.
I haven't started packing yet but I do my laundry today and I will pack most of my clothes once they're clean. We have time Saturday during our gymtime to pack but Ill probably use my gymtime for gym so I'll just have to pack fast at night. There's a scale on my floor (to weigh luggage) so that shouldn't be a problem.

I will mail a package home today with some random stuff and pictures and stuff, so that should come in the next few days.

It was so fun getting all those letters from all you guys yesterday! There was 6 in one! thank you all so much for all that.

You really should try and watch that Jeffery R Holland talk. The way he gives that talk is why its so amazing. If you go to lds.org and go to gospel library then general confrences and pick english then theres a list of conferences and I'm not sure which one that talk was. A few years ago but once you find it on the right you can see options to listen to and watch all the talks.

I finished the book of mormon on sunday! It was an amazing feeling and it felt really easy actually. Im already in 2nd nephi again and in section 20 something of D and C. The scriptures are amazing things.

This Sunday our district is singing in sacrament meeting. I bought a childrens' hymnbook in spanish and I copied "a childs prayer" and we're all singing that. We have been practicing with the rounds and everything and it's so cool. I love that song and in spanish it sounds amazing I wish you could hear! But all the childrens' hymns in spanish are so fun.

D and C really is amazing. I seriously think the entire book was written specifically for missionaries. Every section is full of promises and hope for those spreading the gospel.

Definately look up that talk on lds.org and others!

Im excited that my first week (in Costa Rica) I'll be able to watch conference! The MTC choir is singing at the priesthood session. I really wished I could have joined but I'm leaving just a little too early!

Anyway almost out of time I love you!

I love you and thanks for everything you do for me. I cant wait to talk to you all on Monday!

Elder Graham

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