I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Week Eight in the MTC!!


I got my travel Itinerary! Wow that was one of the most exciting moments of my life when I got that paper that says I'm actually leaving a week from Monday!! here it is:

I meet at the bus and travel place here at 5 am that monday then I fly out of Slc at 8:25 and fly into dallas at 12:05 their time and then I have a fatty layover untill 4:45 when I make my way straight to the promised land. I can call. I doubt i will have time before but I will definately have time when I'm in dallas for almost 5 hours. I cant believe I'm actually gonna leave here. Its weird to think that there is more to my mission than just the mtc at this point. I've gotten to much into the mindset that I'm here forever and taught so many fake investigators and contacted so many that i cant believe that in 10 days I'll be in a real tico home teaching them in spanish. And I just realized today that I don't speak spanish. So that should be fun.

I got your package today! Thanks for all that! It was soo great there's nothing better than getting mail and REALLY nothing better then getting a package. That pocket watch is soo sick. Everyone here is trying to trade stuff to me for it. its perfect. And classy

I use my shaver everyday and love it. I love watching those other chumps use shaving cream everyday.

I'll mail a memory card with pictures home next week. I've got some other stuff I need to send.

My favorite thing about the mtc is the amazing spirit that's here in every class and meeting. And being surrounded by legit kids who would easily be my best friends outside of the mtc and they're all here for the same reason and all want to learn.

My least favorite thing is that I really haven't had 2 minutes to myself in 2 months and I won't for 2 years so its all good

I do not still like the food. Its not awful awful but really i feel like its the same thing everyday.

ahh the devotional. That's a funny story that I don't have time to talk but I'll tell you in my letter

Queso is always a wonderful treat :) and if you could send a nice picture of my car that would be fantastic!

I need you and dad to watch a general conference talk by Elder Holland called Safety for the Soul. You can watch it on lds.org. Its amazing and one of my favorite talks ever. So powerful and wonderful and one everyone needs to hear.

Not much more time. I love you. thanks for everything

LETTER dated 9/17

-Mother and Father

Hello! Today is my 2nd to last P-Day in the MTC. This time used to look so far away, now I'm almost on my last week and last everything.

Ask Allison about the Macedonians. That was pretty cool.

Thanks for the sweet package! Everything is awesome and again, I love the pocket watch.

I'm almost done with the BOM. I'm in Ether. Only 30 pages left. I should finish Sunday.

I love you. Thanks for everything

-Elder Graham

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