I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, June 27, 2011

In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle

Hey there. This last week was kind of lame. We were getting Freddy and Celina married and baptized last week but in his baptismal interview palmer interviewed him for 3 hours and in the end he can’t accept that the sabbath day is Sunday.
Last Monday we went on the most epic hike ever. It was absolutely intense. We went trucking through the jungle from 10 am to 6 pm basically without stopping. I was sooo tired but it was the most epic place ever that we went. We went deep into a national park that is protected because all the wildlife that’s in there. But holy smokes was it legit! We saw monkeys!! We were just walking and heard above us branches breaking and we look up and there’s a white faced capuchin and he was throwing branches at us, right above our heads. I don’t know why, but my comp decided to scream “hey look a monkey!” It scared him away but he just went a little deeper and we could see him watching us for a few minutes until he swung away. It was so sick to see him swinging across all the jungle trees. It was the highlight of my life. I actually got stuff thrown at me by a wild monkey.
We kept walking down down until we got to an old abandoned catholic church that was deep deep in there. We were literally as deep into the jungle as you can get and not be retardedly dangerous. I actually was getting a little creeped out in there. I tried to get good pictures but it doesn’t capture what it was actually like. The epicness is just when you’re silent and listen. There are tropical birds that just swoop in through the trees and crazy animals screaming and birds singing. It’s so ridiculously loud in there. The only way I can describe it is how alive it is, with the weirdest plants and bugs in there. We saw herd of some weird animal that I’d never seen before just run in front of us and dip out. Jeffery kept telling us about all the dangerous animals there are and that if we see any be prepared to sprint back as fast as possible.
Today we went to the zoo in San Jose. it was alright. It was cool to see the stuff we saw in the wild but as far as a zoo it was kinda lame. I was kinda expecting the Oregon zoo.
Alright. Well I gotta head out. I love you! Make sure I get pictures from Nick Hess’ baptism. Happy birthday. I am very thankful for the mother you are.

Pura vida. Elder Graham

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