I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Guess What?!? I am still here!

We always say that trainers are dads
and the kids they train are their kids.
My "brother" Elder Malan, my "dad" Elder Felipe and Me

All of the Americans in the mission

The Family Poveda

Indoor Soccer

Showing Canada what's up after we dropped them yesterday

Welll mother. A miracle happened. I didn’t have changes, but Garcia did! Which I really don’t get because he was here for such a short time. My new comp is Elder Gonzales from Honduras. He came into the country at the same time as me so I knew him a little bit. He seems way humble and the first thing he asked when we got home is what I want from him as a companion. The only problem is I hardly understand him. He speaks crazy Honduran Spanish but he’s a good kid.

So i finally saw Jeffery yesterday for the first time in a while so that Garcia could say goodbye and things seemed alright. He hasn’t stopped smoking and is living with Yanet so we will see what happens. He says he wants to get baptized still so we will go and talk well with him and get him baptized and married this month.

That’s super sick about Nick H. I just wrote him so we will see if he writes me back right now.

Are you guys watching the gold cup?? It’s the most exciting thing ever for the people here and I love how into it the whole country is and how united they are. Yesterday the US beat Canada and today sometime I know that Costa Rica plays El Salvador I really wish that you guys would watch it and to try to get the whole country to. OHHH and the worst thing ever happened. Today at the changes meeting I got my package back, and it doesn’t say why. I’m gonna have to pay 50 bucks again to get it shipped. It’s freaking retarded.

A little bit of a sad/different Changes meeting. Felipe and Bernuy go home tomorrow. It was actually way sad to say bye to Felipe. He was seriously the best missionary in the mission. Here we always say that trainers are dads and the kids they train are their kids. Your whole mission everyone asks you who your trainer was and I’ve always been way proud to say Felipe.

welll I gotta go. I love you! I’ll write on Monday. Elder Graham

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