I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, May 16, 2011

a Tough Situation and a Beautiful Hike

Hey there. Well this past week I have had to deal without a doubt with the toughest situation and make the toughest decisions yet. So Roberto and Andrea have had a ton of problems and they decided that they were gonna split up but didn’t really know what was best. So they basically put it on me to decide what was best for them. My first instinct was that obviously they need to get married. They have a kid and everything. But they legitimately have a ton of problems. I told them they had to read a chapter of the Book of Mormon together every single night and pray together every single night to figure it out. And we had to pray a ton too. And I fasted with the Moravia missionaries and with them on Saturday for an answer. On Sunday morning when we were on our way to make sure they were good to go to church I knew that they needed to be together. and when we got there before we could say anything they were both super happy and excited to tell us that the night before they got their answer and they were gonna get married and baptized the 28th. No matter what happens they know that this is the Lord’s plan and they’re gonna trust in him no matter how hard it gets. That reallly boosted my testimony on fasting and helped them understand how bad they really need this in their marriage. So in 2 weeks we’ve got that. But this week we’ve got jeffery, the brother of Robert who is getting baptized then will be set apart as a priest on Sunday. Then he will baptize his brother the next week, along with Juan Carlos, Jeffery’s roommate who is the sickest guy ever. Jeffery and Juan Carlos are both 21 and would be my best friends if I was in the real world. They’re so sick. Robert too.

I did get my camera! Thank you. Its sick. Everyone thinks it’s the coolest thing. The only thing is, it makes me nervous that it’s so snazzy when I’m jumping across rocks in the jungle. We went to a river up in the mountains today.

I sent a package last Tuesday. It’s got birthday presents for you and nick and a father’s day present for dad. And a bunch of bracelets and Costa Rican treats I want you to try. Sorry in advance for not getting special things for everyone but I’ll see if i can get another package out there. There’s enough for everyone so make sure Nick Hess gets one too. And it was 50 bucks. Do you think you could help me out a little with the money I had to take out of my account to pay for it?

Happy birthday molly!

There was an earthquake last week. It was pretty sick. Adam told me that he heard about it?? It was silly I didn’t really understand what was happening till after it was over, but everything was shaking!

Gotta go! Love You
Pura Vida Elder Graham

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