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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wonderful Baptisms!!

Baptism of Yamilet and Jaime

Ervin and Mavel Baptism

Elder Cabrera, Jaime, Yamilet, Elder Graham, Ervin and Mavel

Ervin and Mavel's Wedding

Hello mother.. This weekend was pretty good. I didn’t get changes but one of the elders in my house did so we’re pretty excited about that.
The baptisms went well. I enjoyed it a lot. All were baptized other then Justine, the teenage girl. Saturday morning she called us and told us that she didn’t want to get baptized because she wasn’t ready. But everyone else was and we have put her new date for the 7th. At the baptism Elder Palmer played his ukulele and we sang “love is spoken here” It was recorded and you will get it someday when I send you the memory card.

We are teaching a new family that is the daughter of a less active and we put the tentative date for the 21st for them to get married and baptized. They’re Andrea and Roberto. I’m having a hard time with Elder Garcia. If I didn’t have elder palmer in my house to talk to and have someone sane I would probably go nuts. I’m not sure what’s up with calling home on mother’s day. I didn’t realize it was so close. I’ll figure it out this week. ohhh and I’m not really sure what to do but my camera broke...

Sooo last week I had maybe the craziest experience of my life. It would feel weird explaining it over an e mail. But it has to do with Justine. Since she was 7 her grandma taught her witchcraft and has practiced it ever since and her house was full of demons. That is far far from a joke and the most nuts thing that has ever happened to me. Someday I will get to explain it. We had to call president and he took it super super seriously and was gonna come straight there to help us but he was in the other side of the country. But he called our bishop and he came with us to their house. The things I saw in that house you would never believe me. But we blessed the house and they all left. I don’t really want to get into more detail over e mail but president told us that we need to be careful because they could follow us because we are helping that family and we’re messengers of the truth. I have hardly been able to sleep at night since then.

ok i gotta go. I love you. thanks for what you do. pura vida
elder graham

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