I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, April 18, 2011

"Be The Kind Of Missionary Your Mom Thinks You Are"

Yanet, her kids, her mom and Elder Graham and Elder Cabrera

Hey there. Today isn’t p day but we get to use internet anyway. There is a huge holiday week here called Semana Santa which is holy week and I really have no idea what it’s for but no one will be home Friday so that’s our p day.

Things are going good here. We will have the wedding and 5 baptisms on Saturday. Ervin and Mavel, as well as that girl I told you lost her baby and her mom and her little sister. Yamilet is the mom, Justine is the teenager and Jamie is the 11 year old. They are all super awesome. With Ervin and Mavel, I really feel like they are the reason I’m here in this area and they will be baptized this weekend. Changes are the next Wednesday so even though I’ve been here so little I already feel like I’ve done what I came to do so I feel like I might have changes.

Elder Garcia is ok. He really doesn’t have much respect for me as senior comp and thinks because he speaks perfect Spanish and has a little more time in the country he is better than me and won’t listen to me. But it’s a little tough. The other elders are pretty good. I’ve gotten to be pretty good friends with Elder Palmer. He’s pretty tight. But his comp you would never believe how bad he is if I explained him to you. He’s 27 and I honestly don’t believe it because he acts like he’s 10. He doesn’t follow a single rule or have respect for anybody and I have no idea why he’s here. He just plays his psp all day and won’t leave the house.

This Thursday I think we are going to the temple with Ervin and Mavel. It’s pretty far we have to take 2 buses there. It’s like an hour and a half or so.

Elder Hinckley was awesome. Silliest guy. He is exactly like his dad. He just talked to us about normal missionary stuff. Being obedient. How to teach better. How to find. Normal mission stuff that would be boring for you. It was a multi zone conference and we were with atlantica so i got to see everyone from my old zone and talk to the Elder that came into Cariari and how good all my converts are doing there, which was good to hear.

Does everyone have their rip city playoff tickets?
I have been sick with a paracite, and had to go to the clinic and get medicine. I was sick for 2 ½ weeks, but I am well now.

There was a quote from Elder Hinckley that I really liked. He said ¨ be the type of missionary that your mom thinks you are.¨ I thought about my mom and thought of how perfect she thought I was. I thought it was pretty good.
ok i gotta go. I love you.

pura vida
elder graham

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