I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, April 4, 2011

General Conference: the Superbowl of Mission Life

Gringo's Room for Watching General Conference

Hello mother. I loved conference just so you know! It was by far the best I can ever remember. Every talk was fantastic. Here in the mission, conference is like the Super Bowl and we all count down the days for it. The gringo room was the funnest thing ever. I wish there was a video camera watching us because it would have been funny to go back and see. We were all cheering and snapping our fingers together.. that’s what all the missionaries do.. You would think we were actually watching the super bowl. When someone would do ¨head chopping¨ which is what they always say in spanish we would start cheering and you should have seen us when they announced Elder Holland as the last speaker! We were all so worried that he wasn’t going to speak, and they announced every speaker and then him and we all jumped to our feet freaking out with excitement. We were worried he wasn’t going to. It was pretty great. Yeah, I thought that Elder Holland’s bedlamites was pretty funny and I completely pictured Jeffer, Gwen and Cohen running around in family home evenings when he said that.

The priesthood session was soo good! In between sessions we went to lunch and before the priesthood session we played soccer with little kids outside.

As for the ensign I get all of them so I won’t be needing them but thanks for the thought!

I sent a birthday letter for Allison and Jeff last Monday so hopefully they should be there soon enough.

We went to Pricemart this the morning, which is Costco. It’s all American stuff. Our bishop took us there to make our April purchases. I bought a case of cup of noodles and a fatty box of Oreos and a 10 lb bag of marshmallow maties among with some other treats.. All the products are in English and it’s exactly like Costco. It’s pretty cheap.

Alright mom I’m leaving. I love you.

pura vida
Elder Graham

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