I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Week Two in the MTC!

Email dated 8/06

I will start by answering your questions

Yeah! I got the package (from Tracey) but it didn't say who sent it so I didn't know who it was from!
My week has been going good after the first week it all becomes a blur and goes really fast. since we have no down time I dont have time to be bored so time flies by. Classes are like 5 hours long but they feel like they last 5 minutes. they go by wayy too fast and when i'm not in class i wish I was so I could keep learning and keep getting my spanish better and better. My teacher decided to put me in a more advanced class but when he went to look it up they were all full so when he is teaching something I already know he puts me in the classes of the missionaries who have been here 6 and 7 weeks to learn something Im not good at. But my district is still awesome and my teachers are both amazing.

I am feeling fine. I am always tired and I feel like as soon as I get to sleep the alarm starts beeping. which reminds me.. I should probably get an alarm clock if you could help with that situation....

If you are looking for things to send me I dont know if allison told you but I would love nice stickers like blazers stickers, Arsenal FC, stickers, Oregon "O" stickers and anything cool and oregon. I would also love to have a really nice pen. they have some at te mtc bookstore but not much selection and I was thinking I would love to have a nice one. and elder in my room has one and its fantastic. I think its a parker..? And also something you could look into is one of the elders in my district has a voice recorder that he plugs into the computer and can send recordings home and vice versa if you guys want to look into that that could be fun.

As for spiritual experiences I have just been really reading the book of mormon a lot in a week and a half I'm in mosiah and that book is full of so many amazing scripures and things that you can apply personally and its fantastic. You and dad should read section 31 of D+C together its an awesome section about missionaries and the blessings they and their families can receive. You should also if you can look up a talk elder Bendar gave to the MTC in a devotional. Its about recegnizing the spirit and i dont know if its open to the publuc online because it was to the mtc but if you can definately read or watch it it is amazing.

For my missionary plaque I want alma 29:1

For pictures in the MTC bookstore there is a picture printing thing that you can insert your sd card and order pictures I ordered them yesterday and they should be ready today so I will send some home and explain them in letters.

I dont know anything about the medical stuff they dont tell me anything.

and I heard news that costa rica is actually really hard to get visas for and it should come right down to the time of me leaving so hopefully not recieving visas on time doesnt run in the family....

I dont have time now to write a thing for the blog because my time is almost up and it exits out for me when the time ends so you can just summerize what i say and update how im doing. and add pictures when I can send them.

LETTER dated 7/29
Today we had an immunization check and for some reason I'm missing something so I get to write home and ask about it.

Today was my first full day and I feel like I am already learning so much. I learned how to pray and bear my testimony in Spanish. Also I have learned so much about teaching people. My companion is Elder Willis. He is from San Diego and he is awesome. We are already really good friends. He is going to Nicaragua. I'm in a room with one other companionship and they are both going to Costa Rica. The are both so cool. I got so lucky to have cool roomates and a cool district. The food has been surprisingly good. They have so many options and the hardstpart has been picking what to eat. Elder Willis, Stevens, and Miller (my other roommates) all love soccer and we all played today in the gym. I gotta go. I love you lots. Tell everyone else that I love them. I was very rushed saying goodbye.

-Elder Graham

-Don't be shy about sending Jalepeno Cheese dip (Ask Nick or Allison)

Oh and dearelder.com is the greatest thing. Tell everyone to use that. It comes that day...even if it's small

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