I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Week Five in the MTC


Hello! I can't believe its p day already! the weeks feel like days here. Every tuesday we have devotionals but the gym that fits every missionary has been under construction and so when we watch all the branches watch in different rooms on projecters of the devotional going on in another building. But last tuesday they oppend up the gym again for everyone to be together again to hear the speaker and we heard that they were rededicating the building so we figured there would be a pretty good speaker and there were plenty of rumors floating around about who it was beacuse we never know who's speaking before the devotional. So we wanted to get their early to get good seats so me and elder willis got in a giant mob in front of the doors to get in 2 hours early and there was smashing and pushing and sweaty kids and we couldn't move. It felt like a concert. but we got in and got like 3 rows back we had amazing seats and Jeffery R Holland spoke! It was soo amazing to be that close to an apostle and especially Elder Holland. When he spoke he spoke for over an hour and had nothing prepared. He just started talking and was listening to the spirit. It was soo amazing I cant explain how sincere he was and how strong the spirit was when he spoke. I wanted to write down everything he said and i ended up filling up 6 pages of notes.

My clothes are all good. My white shirts wash well. I haven't had any problems but I haven't washed any pants yet. Do I just wash them normal? or do they need to be washed separate? I dont have many options when im washing on the machines here just light or darks. My shoes are all fine but do you think you could sent some shoe tree things? those things you stick in your shoes so they keep their shape? Theyre getting some major creases in them and i would like to minimize them. And my watch doesn't work. It might just be the battery but i have no way of doing it here. I may send it home soon and see if theres something that can be done. And I decided if you wanted to get me a present I would love to have a pocket watch. A real legit one with the chain and everything. Doesn't need to be expensive but it was kinda annoying to always have a watch on.

On wednesday during lunch they announced that anyone who wanted to be a new missionary host could go sign up and do it. Usually they just assign districts. So I went and hosted some kids and showed them around. It was interesting to see their point of views coming in. They were suprisingly cocky and arrogant. I tried to help them and give them advice and stuff and they were just oh yeah I know. I know. My cousin served a mission I know. It was kinda annoying. Im running out of time I will write a letter later.

I love you

Elder Graham

Oh and would you ask dad to look up what happened when Liverpool played Arsenal like 2 weeks ago?? I really want to know what happened with that and adam won,t responde to my e mails! what a lame-o. but I love you.
Halfway done with the MTC! No news yet but I think I will get my itinerary either this friday or the next! And i'm not counting down the days in my mission just until costa rica.

LETTER dated 8/27


Hey! I just got your package! Thank you soooo much! That is all perfect! I especially love the toothbrush (Oregon Ducks) but it's all awesome!! The letters from the Young Women were great too.
That's so cool that Aunt Etie is moving to Oregon! Why are they moving? That's perfect that they're going to Eugene, too. That way David can be there when Oregon stomps on the Sun Devils. Did dad try and get tickets for any Ducks' games? Try craigslist or something. They've got to go to at least one game.
The haircut they gave me was fine. You don't get many options. I just said, as short asyou can go. It's about finger length. I can't believe I'm officially halfway through my time at the MTC. It all goes so fast.
We have officially covered every grammer concept in Spanish, so I know everything I need, to say whatever I want. It's just a matter of saying it fast and building my vocabulary to really say what I want, which is crazy because I didn't even get through all that in 4 years of Spanish in high school.
What's going on with Rudy? We gotta get Jeffer a new jersey. We can't have him sporting a primadonna anti-Blazer.
My teacher, Hermano Fernandez is leaving us next week because he is starting up school, which is lame. I love that guy. He served his mission in Boston, speaking Cambodian. He speaks Cambodian. It's super silly sounding.
I love you guys. Thank you so much for all the packages and support. I don't know where I'd be without it.

-Con Amor
Elder Graham

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