I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Week Three in the MTC


I had an appointment at the medical clinic yesterday and they just checked up on my records and said it looked good. They scheduled another time sometime in september for me to get shots and they said it would be 125$ for all of them and i can pay with a card so if you wanna put some money in my account to help with that that would be greatly apriciated.

Its very hard for me to feel like im on provo I feel like i might as well be on an island somewhere because thats what it feels like. like just a giant bubble. since we are always busy and never have time to sit and relax all days just mesh together. the past 2 weeks have gone so fast as soon as you get into the routine here it flies by. Yesterday me and elder willis practice taught 2 elders from our zone who have only been here a week and I could just see from their teaching how much we have progressed. I know I was exactly like them but now when we teach we are so much more confident and confortable and we can really feel the spirit when we teach. we have had a couple TRC appointments which are us teaching a lesson to to voulenteers who are invesigators. Its an awesome expierince and I know i will be thankful for it when I get to costa rica. With spanish I have never spoke faster and mor confident then when I am teaching those appointments. I know that the spirit helps put words in my mouth and its an amazing feeling to be guided by the spirit like that. When you send the package could you put in one of the pictures of me and nick and allison at the blazer game? or any other pictures that I would want.
I love you

Elder Graham

LETTER dated 8/13
I haven't gotten the pictures back yet, ut I will try and describe them. One picture is of my desk. On the side, I have my (soccer) scarves down from the closed and I have a family picture and a picture of Portland posted on the wall, and all my books and journal on my desk. You don't need to worry about me writing in my journal. I've gotten into a good habit of writing in it every night. Last night I didn't have much to say but I wrote a paragraph just saying some things I felt. But most nights I fill up a page. Another picture is of me with Elder Jensen with our Arsenal Jerseys holding up an Arsenal scarf. Elder Jensen is from New Zealand and has an amazing accent. He is the only person I have every met with as much love for soccer and European soccer as me, and his favorite club is Arsenal like me, so we talked about them a lot. He is way good at soccer. He was in my zone, but left yesterday for The Domincan Republic. Definitely put the picture of us on the blog. My friends would appreciate that one. I think the other pictures are just from last Sunday. We walked up to the temple and took picture with my comp and district and stuff. Today on P-Day we went to the temple. It was really good and fun to see another temple. Then we ate breakfast in the temple cafeteria. Does the Portland temple have a cafeteria? After we were done a lady asked me to help in the laundry room for 5 minutes, so me and Elder Willis folded temple stuff for what ended up being over an hour. But it was fun to help. I love you. Pet Bernie for me.
-Elder Graham

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