I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Huge Changes!!

The family that owns the house from Don Bosco

my friends

Marvin the area drunk..
Every area has tons of drunks. But there is always THEE area drunk.

Me saying goodbye to marvin

Heyyy sorry I couldn’t write yesterday.. But you’ll never guess where i am. Look at the map and put your finger on where i was in san jose and slide your finger down... and down.... and further down till you get to panama. Then go north a tiny bit and you will see a little town called ciudad neily. (Nay-lee) There i am. It was a 9 hour bus ride so we didnt get home untill midnight last night. Im in the area furthest away and it is soo sickkk.

My companion is Elder Bertrand. He is from honduras and was my DL when i came into the mission. He´s been here 2 and a half changes. We’re getting along really well. He goes home a change before i do. Theres no senior comp. We both just tear things up.

My zone has 7 areas and only us and one other area has elders and they live 5 hours away. The rest are sister missionaries. Its completely different then any other zone because basically all the sister missionaries are here. Im coming in Elder Palmers spot. He just left here and gave me the low down. He went to Puntarenas as a ZL still.

But there are soo many sick things to see here. IF you look at puerto jimenez on that little peninsula it has a little branch there that doesnt have missionaries on it. So we work there sometimes and i guess its the coolest place every. absolutely paradise. Elder Palmer described it well yesterday when he said if you want to do a trick you should close your eyes in the bus and when you open them in neily you will be in 1980.

We have a super silly old lady that everyone calls abuela.. grandma.. that cooks for us. She lives in a little shack out in the middle of nowhere. Our house smells and is really hot. nothin special.

Everyone I’ve met so far is completely nuts. (that’s a compliment) They’re just crazy jungle people which is soooo cool. complete night and day difference from where i was. But what my comp explains to me we do everything in the branch. There’s a branch president but we are his counselors and there is a district president for all the branches around here and we are his counselors too. So we have to go work and not only be in charge of the missionary work but go visit all the branches and help them out. We are the Zone leaders so we are in charge of everything in every branch especially since almost all of them only have sister missionaries.

There should be much better pictures next week from my wildlife adventures. Its soo hot here. Everything reminds me of cariari. The bad smell in the house, the heat. The crazy people.

I guess there’s one family that they took to church last week but haven’t really taught so that may be one investigator. Today we’re going on like an hour hike to go meet the branch president and swinging down to the panama border because theres a bunch of markets and stuff dirt cheap and there's a few things we need. our phone broke. I dont have a pillow ect.

I’m out. I love you

Elder Graham

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