I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Chastisement for Mom

Hello mom. Before you freak out, everything is getting better and it’s what the lord needed. But I have been sick in bed for the past 4 days with strep throat. Every day I have tried to leave and work but by 4 everyday I’ve been almost to where I pass out so I’ve had to go home. I talked to the mission nurse and with the symptoms and the white puss pockets I saw on the back of my throat I’ve got strep throat. But I’ve already bought the antibiotics and I’m all good.

It was a little annoying here having to listen to the ticos after that game. (Costa Rica beat US in soccer) I was really really looking forward to smashing them 50 to 0. Buttt Rodney Wallace, the player from the timbers is the player that scored! Did you know that??

I have been worried about you because I know that you have been worrying too much about me and it made me think of Sariah. She never complained about anything but right before her sons got home she was complaining to Lehi. Then afterward she was praising the lord for everything. I’m sure that when you worry about me the lord gets a little annoyed saying you trusted him with me for 2 years. Just trust me on this one that it will be alright. I honestly can’t get on here and act like I have been super satisfied with my week if I didn’t really achieve much as far as what I’m working for. But don’t think that just because I’m not having success doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be a missionary or that I’m homesick. Trust that the lord knows that right now this is best for me.

As for investigators, I thought we found a few this week but Sunday morning we woke up early. I was sick and we went by a bunch and no one could come. So we went to church and after the sacrament we left again because I couldn’t just sit at church with no one. So we left and knocked the door of everyone we’ve ever taught at all in this area. And we couldn’t get anyone to church. I even asked a few random people in the street hoping that the lord would bless us with a miracle because we were trying so hard. But I came back just in time for priesthood. Sweaty, lightheaded and wanting to throw up.

Ohh You have to find the February 2010 ensign because there’s a fatty article on a family in my ward, the family Calderon. I know them very well. We eat there every Sunday.

I gotta go. Love you
Elder Graham

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