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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Lesson To Learn By

Hey there mother. Today was the changes meeting which is my favorite thing to go to. They’re always so crazy and exciting. I was super jealous because remember elder Malan? My brother and friend from atlantica zone? Well he and Elder Palmer are Zone leaders together now. If I could choose any 2 people to be comps with I would choose them and now they’re together and I’m super jealous. The only change in the house was Elder Espinal who was one of the ZLs and But we´ll see what happens.

That’s sick about Kenny (Hall) and his mission call to Argentina. He’s gonna love it. I didn’t get the package. Maybe I can go get it on Monday.

About 3 weeks ago we contacted this lady that told us that she was busy and maybe another time but wouldn’t put a set date because she said she ¨didn’t know for sure¨ when she could. Which is what 95 percent of contacts say. So we went back. And back and back. and I really don’t know why but I kept feeling like going back to that house even though every time she blows us off. My comp kept telling me that she would never let us in. So a few days ago I had a Book of Mormon in my hand and I asked her to take it and read a chapter. The next day we went back and she had read it and finally let us in. We started teaching the first lesson and she started crying about halfway through and told us that every time she prayed for help we would knock at the door. And then she would get mad because someone was bugging her and interrupting her prayer. And it took about 10 times of that for her to realize that we were the help. A Lesson to learn by. People ask for help a lot and don’t realize the help that they have when they get it because it doesn’t come in the form that we think we want it. We couldn’t put a date because she tried to tell us that she’s already been baptized in the name of the father and son and holy ghost. I’m on it though. Heard that one oh too many times.

Mom, don’t feel bad that Dad is watching the Ducks game instead of celebrating your anniversary. You’ve already had 34 of those. Give it a rest. How many times has the 4 played the 3 when Oregon is 3 and the 4 is LSU and it’s the first game of the season? Priorities mom.

Welp mom. I’m out. I love you.
Elder Graham

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