I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Discouraging Week

Hey there mother. The translating for the navy ship went pretty good. I didn’t get to go on Tuesday because we had interviews with pres but Wednesday was sickkk. They took us on a fatty tour of the whole ship! It was dope. (Pictures shown on August 8 post)

As far as getting rested, absolutely not. Today we had a 5 zone activity and I played soccer for 7 hours straight, the hardest I’ve ever played. Most people took a break in between games but I played straight though. We were playing full 11 on 11 for the first time in years. I had to take advantage of it. There was also football and basketball. I played basketball 10 minutes in between soccer games and it felt very weird playing after so long. I smashed everyone though of course. We bought Brazil jerseys for everyone in our zone so we looked decent.

As far as missionary work it’s been tough. I’ve resorted to knocking doors and contacting like crazy... It has been so frustrating. We had a few people we were teaching that were sure about going to church and we worked so hard they already had a baptismal date, but at church no one was there. It was tough to work, maybe the hardest in a week that I have had in my mission and to have it end with that. People always talk crap about the missionaries with no one in church and I had to be that guy.

The interview with President Galvez was actually really awesome. It was the first time that I really talked to president about stuff. They have all been really fast but we talked like half an hour. We talked about my area and what I can do to raise it. He showed me a diagram of missionaries that have success and it starts with a hard work ethic, then worthiness, obedience, and then skills to do things like teach and contact. And he told me to explain to him how I am in every one of those areas. I thought he did it with everyone but he just did it with me. He told me that the missionary that has all those things is the missionary that he wants as a trainer. And that opening an area is one of the hardest things that you can do and most don’t have to ever go through that trial and I’m in my second time. He said that I lifted the first area and that he’s very and emphasized very hard VERY anxious to see what can do and to see if I can lift another one. I’m hoping that what he said about trainers means that maybe he is thinking in me to train. And I honestly don’t want to be any sort of leader but I want to train. But here the people go zone leaders and assistants before they train. They’re literally the best missionaries in the mission. It’s not always like that in order. Some people go from just senior comps to being assistants. But as far as how president sees them and chooses them he puts a trainer before zone leaders. Felipe trained twice before he went zone leader. But if a kid is zone leader for a year and never trains or a kid trains and never goes zl, president thinks higher of the one who trained then who went zl. He always says that he picks his trainers every change before anything and chooses the best.

Welp. I gotta go. Love you ! keep it real
elder graham

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