I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Lessons Learned!

Making Pupusas

Thats what they eat everyday in El Salvador and everyone asks my comps from there to make them pupusas.

I've made them so many times I might as well be from there. Its the stuff to make corn tortillas but you put cheese, beans, and a ground sausage inside and cook it.

With a tomato sauce on top. pretty dank

Do you like my bed and curtains?

Hey there mom. Just workin over here. The past few days I’ve been super sick. Yesterday I didn’t even leave to work. I think it’s a cold but I don’t really know. It’s nothing serious calm down. The lord loves me and takes care of me. He doesn’t worry about me. You shouldn’t either.

I just slept all day yesterday and was really bored. We are teaching yet another single mother of 4 who got to church 50 minutes late but we got them there. We were going to knock doors and we were passing a bunch of bigger richer houses and my comp asked me why we weren’t knocking these doors and I said because people with money never want anything. They just yell at us we need to find the poor ones. He said that was dumb and knocked one of the doors with a bimmer outside and a lady came out and immediately asked us about the church and if we had a good system for her little kids. She said they are new around there and she had been looking for a church to take her kids. I felt a little dumb but in my own defense that was the first time ever that a rich family has let us in. And they came to church.

Yep changes are next week. Espinal, one of the zls has been here 4 changes and 3 with his comp so it’s pretty certain that he’s out. But the others probably won’t have changes. One of the companionships left to their own house last week so know we have our own part completely separate and not the weight room. So there 6 now in the house. I’m feeling a little better but not tip top yet.

How’s Nick’s house? Is there a room open? If there is tell him to hang on 11 months and i'll come live with him.

Welp. I gotta head out. I love you. Tell nick to keep the room open.
Elder Graham

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