I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I've Got Changes!!!

Reppin' RipCity and the "O"

Everyone always has a picture together with their flag, like all the Elders from Honduras, Panama, El Salvador, and so on. So I brought my Portland flag to take a picture with Langford. He's from Wilsonville.
These are all the Elders who came to Costa Rica with me from the MTC
This is what it looked like at Changes Meeting when they announced where I was going
I really am going to miss those kids. We had a lot of fun.

Saying Goodbye to Moravia Missionaries

Elder Gonzalez, Elder Graham, Elder Valasquez, Elder Palmer

Saying Goodbye to Ervin and Mavel and their family
Saying Goodbye to Moravia Bishop and his family

Elder Graham bought a birthday cake for one of Jeanette's children

My favorite little guys, Edilson and Emerson

We were getting so trunky for changes that we started counting down the hours
Skateboard park in a wierd part of my old area

Well mom. I had changes. It was my first time since my very first changes meeting that I received an area. I’ve only received companions. I was sooo nervous... And well I’m here opening yet ANOTHER area... My area is called Don Bosco 2. It is literally literally the center center of downtown San Jose. We literally live right off the main downtown strip of stores and such. Every time I would say that we went to San Jose we came here. So that’s the diz.

Don Bosco is the area of the zone leaders and the Lord found it fit to divide it and put 2 new missionaries here. This is the exact same thing that I did in Moravia. But this time is different. In Moravia they were preparing it for us to come and had it all set up with divisions that we worked in and the others worked in. And I come here and the Zone Leaders say that the area will just be a free for all and both companionships work in the same area with no divisions. This is the worst idea ever for us because they already know every member and work with them and are going to continue to work with them and we have literally nothing. And when I say nothing I mean literally nothing because everything is theirs. I asked if they would take us to show us around and they said that they have appointments tonight and tomorrow and they can’t, so we are literally forced to just wander around knocking doors. I was looking forward to someone showing me around. But jeez. Opening an area especially with no one helping you really is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, and I didn’t want to have to do it again.. I’m sure it will get better, it just seems frustrating right now. We’re in an 8 man house. It will be fun being right smack dab in the middle where all the missionaries pass through. And Elder Stevens is in my zone so we can go do stuff on P Days and such. We just have to work hard and the Lord will provide a way.

But my comp is Elder Reinoza. He’s from El Salvador from the same stake as elder Garcia. He seems good. He’s got 9 months. I wanted to leave Moravia but after I heard I was leaving I didn’t want to. And going and saying goodbye to everyone and seeing them all crying is way too tough. This last week we were getting absolutely crazy waiting for the changes and Palmer and I both thought for sure that we were out. I did get changes but Palmer stayed and his companion with less time, Velasquez left.

I got the package with the iPod and holy smokes its sick! I had no idea anything like that even existed! I opened it right there in the changes meeting and no one had ever seen one and all the missionaries wanted to come around and see it. And thanks for putting all the music on it! I’m sure it took some real doing. And holy smokes a jack ton of cheese! Thank you!

I love you and I have to go. But I’m sure I’ll be able to explain more about the new area on Monday. I love you.
Elder Graham

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