I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Lord's Obstacle Course

Hey there mom. There is no need to worry about me. I’m happy and enjoying the things that I am learning here. If I’m not completely thrilled with everything that happens to me here, I have to trust that the things I have to go through are the things that the lord want me to go through to become the person that he needs me to be. I have learned more about families and marriages in the past year than I could being married for 100. I’m not gonna lie to you and say that everything is completely perfect and roses but I’m happy about the opportunity that I have to go through the lords obstacle course for me.

Things have gotten a little better. In my letter to president last week I explained about the plans that the ZLs had for our area and said that if the lord trusts in me enough to give me an area then I want my own piece of it, because if not, we would forever be stuck as being the junior companionship here. And he called the ZLs and he chopped their head harder then I have ever seen. Asking them why we don’t have our own area and why they haven’t given us a single investigator. They have a baptismal date to complete a family the 30th and he said that they are now ours to baptize. So they divided the area. I told them that it would be better for them to finish with this family, that all I really wanted was an area. So they gave me a phone number for a guy that has been an investigator for 2 years and Elder Felipe actually found him and started teaching them, but they never wanted to get married. So I called them and they’re planning a wedding so we will see when we can get them in the water.

I’ve been working hard trying to get to know the area and not get lost but we keep getting lost. But it’s good because that’s how I learn. Last night we went out with a group of 5 of the young men in the ward to show us where members and inactives live. One of the members is named Alberto and 18 years old. He was baptized in Nicaragua when he was 16 and was the only one in his family to do so. When he came here he went all alone to church and hasn’t missed a week at church in 2 years. He told us about that and I told him to take us to his house to meet his family. We started teaching his sister in law and his mom and thanks to maybe the strongest testimony I’ve ever seen in this 18 year old kid, we put a baptismal date with them for the 14th.

Other than that we’ve just been trying to contact and knock doors. The elders in the house are absolutely nuts. But it’s really entertaining. The ZLs that we share the ward with are a gringo and an elder from Honduras who just came down from being AP. He really is a champ and I like him.

I went today to pick up the package but it wasn’t there... So hopefully it will be next Monday!

Gotta go. I love you.
Elder Graham

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