I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Justine's Baptism and Scary Bridge to Write Home About!

Baptism of Justine

Justine, Maro Poveda, Elder Graham

Elder Graham, Justine, Maro Poveda, Elder Gonzalez

Playing Soccer at the Church in Coronado

The Most Unsafe Bridge Ever
Its in a weird part of our area. its kind of a hidden trail that i found to cut into a different part of my area.

Hello mother, Thank you for the words of comfort. But don’t worry about me. I really am fine. Last week we finally got Justine baptized. Justine is the girl who lost her baby way back when and her mom got baptized but Justine wasn’t ready. Well finally she’s baptized. She was baptized by one of the youth in the ward, Maro Poveda.
As a mission, we got as many baptisms in the first half of the year as they got in all of 2008 which had the record at that point for most baptisms in this country in one year. And when president told us that he wasn’t telling us to pat us on the back, he was disappointed because we’re not on pace to reach the mission goal for the year.

All the people that we’ve been teaching now have been completely avoiding us so we don’t have much more right now and I don’t really know where else to go to find people to teach. We’ve had to go knocking doors, which is the worst.
Changes are next week and Elder Palmer and I both feel pretty good about our chances of getting changed out. He has been here for 3 changes, and I have been here 3 weeks longer than that.

I called the secretaries this morning and they said that my package isn’t there yet. So I’ll have to wait until next Wednesday. I sent a letter that has my memory card in it home. So you can see all the pics and vids and such.

Jeffery and Jeanette have been attacked pretty hard. Jeffery lost his job and they don’t have electricity in the house because the person that lived there before them had a bunch of bills backed up that they never paid and don’t have the money to pay all of it. They have been almost 3 weeks without electricity.

I’ve really really been trying to hold out without getting new shoes... But the propet ones that I got from bro Remington are trash. There is a GIANT hole in the heel and are my only black shoes so i have to wear them. The Clarks are champs but the heel on the right shoe has been worn down super super far and gives me massive foot problems and now I’m having fatty knee pains because of it.. If you could manage to find me some that have good soles, it would be wonderful. I trust your judgement.

Welp, I gotta go. I love you. I won’t be on until next Wednesday and I’ll probably be in a new area.
Elder Graham

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