I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Birthday Celebration in Ciudad Neilly

Thats the Group President- President Conejos' family

This is where they do baptisms in Jimeniz

Thats the group presidents bungalow

The birthday cake they made for me and one of the youth whose birthday was also last week

Here there’s a tradition that the person with the birthday licks the frosting first. And when I did my companion pushed my face into it.
Hilarious, not really

my good friend matias and me

Hey there.  Yep, you were right i was traveling yesterday.  Elder Bertrand had changes and he is presidents’ new assistant and my new comp is Elder Montoya from Mexico.  He’s a new Zone leader so I have the responsibility to train him.  
Today’s a regular work day.  When we travel we really don’t get a P Day.  Next week we have to go back to San Jose to go to a zone conference with Elder Martino or the area presidency and i have to give our Zone report with all of our goals and achievements to him. Elder Martino came to a stake conference at the beginning of my mission but i never met him.  Falabella the area president came to a zone conference at the beginning of my mission too but I’ve never had to do it like this.  It’s a long bus ride to San Jose. There’s 2 routes that the buses take.  One’s 9 hours, the other’s like 7 and a half.
But the lord heard our prayers and took out one of the pairs of sisters in the zone and gave us missionaries in Rio Claro with a district leader so now we don’t have to be the district leader/ zone leaders but just the zone leaders.  They don’t know their way around at all so I’m in Rio Claro right now working with them to get them going.  One of them is from Pasco and knows Dirk and his family really well.
Last Friday president came to our house and did a special capacitation with just me and my comp.  It was way cool. He did our weekly planning with us and he was there all morning studying and planning with us.  The trip to Jimenez went wayy good.  We put a baptismal date with a family for the 25th and we made plans with all the members of how they were all gonna have daily contact with them and how they were gonna take them to church.  They live right next to the beach and we are gonna baptize them right there.  The Group in Jimenez is so awesome.  There’s really just like 3 families that are strong and active but they’re so strong and so united.  They have an attendance of like 15 but those that come, come every week even though it’s in a small house.  They think the missionaries are pretty cool there.
Jeffery and Jeannette from Moravia moved to Guapiles and are active and are planning on getting sealed with their 6 kids in June....And I can go to the temple with them!
You asked me what food I will miss when I leave Costa Rica. The fruits and deserts.  Not the rice and beans.  
Yeppp  but i gotta go.  love you
Elder Graham

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