I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Iguanas and Monkeys!!

You cant really tell but here's a monkey. 

Its WAYY hard to get pics of them but a big group passed by in jimenez

A big heart someone drew on the beach

Iguana by our house

Iguanas are pretty creepy actually.  They’re way faster than you’d think.  I was just making eye contact with it and it nodded its head a bunch at me then he started running. Those spikes on their back and such look pretty haggard.  I'm not really sure if they bite or anything.

Hey  mommm..  Things are coming along here.  As a zone we are doing horribly.  We only have had one baptism in the whole zone this month and this week we have a conference in San Jose with elder Martino and i have to stand in front of him with our goals of 3 families, 4 men over 16, and 11 baptisms, and report on what we have so far this month.  Which is 0 fams.  one man over 18 ande one baptism.  Its been pretty frusterating.  every investigator in the zone has fallen through and i feel helpless.  I really am trying.  Really am asking for help and i feel like i get inspiration it just doesn’t work out.  So i have to stand as the head of the zone doing terribly. 

This week in Neily we have one guy named Marlon getting baptized, and Eraida who is the mom of a convert. She has been 100% against the church and just wanted to argue with us when we came over. One day we convinced her to come to church, and then afterward we met with her and put a baptismal date for this weekend and she is 100% different.  The missionaries have passed by that house for a year now and she’s just said that we brainwash people. It truly was a miracle that she changed so much so fast to accept everything. 

I do miss Elder Bertrand but i talk to him every night since he’s AP.  We chat about the problems in the zona sur.  Last week i was in a disciplinary counsel.  That was a different experience.  When we went to Jimenez, Johan is doing good.  Saturday he had an interview to get the Melchizedek priesthood. 

I started teaching classes of English on Saturday and over 30 people showed up.  So every Saturday I’ll be teaching English.

Do you remember Fernanda?  From la Rita the first family i had that didn’t get baptized?  She got baptized last week by Elder Cherrington.

I gotta go.  Love you
Elder G

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