I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Wonderful Week!

Baptizma of Miguel Angel and Abraham

Baptizma of Marita

Baptizma of Miguel Angel and Abraham

Idalia's son, Joshua is on our side through thick and thin. He just happened to be wearing this the other day

Hellooo! Saturday the 15th, we had the 3 baptizmas of Maritza, Miguel Angel, and Abraham. The baptizmas were so stressful to make happen since we had one in Cariari and had to get to la Rita in a hurry for the next. Then the baptismal clothes weren’t there so we had to do a bunch of tricks to get the clothes from Puerto Viejo. But they were so amazing, both baptisms. I can even explain how I feel, when at the end of the baptism the people who were baptized bear their testimony. Miguel Angel is 12 and was crying when he was saying his and it was like 10 minutes long and was just amazing. Maritza’s was just as good. She was crying so hard and talking about how happy she is and how much better her life is and how she knows it’s all true. Those moments make missing the national championship worth it.

I gave my last hackeysacks to Miguel angel and Abraham

We have been teaching the neighbors of Miguel angel and Abraham’s family and mom is a super hard core bible thumper christian who was really tough at first but we have had some really good lessons with her family. She is single and has 4 kids and their family is getting baptized Friday! She has a 15 year old daughter Dayana and 12 year old son Kezler and the others are really little. But it has been so great working with them and I’m gonna be so happy to see them baptized on Friday.

The zone leader told me he’s pretty sure I’m leaving the next change which is Feb. 2nd and just thinkng about it makes me want to cry. There is no doubt in my mind leaving here will be way harder than it was to leave home. I really have a new family here. Well I really have like 10 new families here. And I don’t want to leave them because I will most likely never see them again.

Sunday was branch conference in Cariari and you would never believe what happened. 91 people were at church. And 11 investigators! And this is the branch that had an average attendance of 15 people just 3 months ago! There weren’t enough chairs for everyone. I had to stand. I’ve never been more happy to stand in my life. And we have a new branch president in Cariari. He’s 24 and our next door neighbor and he’s the greatest guy. He works with us a ton. I’m so jacked about it.

Ok time to go. I love you very much.

Elder Graham

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