I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Beautiful Costa Rica

Carlos and the Iguana!

Just Chillin' with Elder Bernuy

This is ¨Playa Bonita¨ in Limón just north of Limón central.
Translates as beautiful/pretty beach.

Roughin' it

The food was steak, plantains, sausage stuff, beans, we bought that whole platter and shared it between four. sooooo good.

Zona Atlantica

Happy biggest day ever day. I don’t know why people are saying that tonight is just a game... (Ducks, National Championship) Tonight I’m going to San Jose though and staying the night because early tomorrow I’m going to the immigration office and getting my residency. So I’ll be able to hang out tonight in the mission home with all the kids I came in with. It should be pretty great. There’s a fatty house where the secretaries and the aps live and were all gonna stay there. I’ll beat em at scattegories. We didn’t play scattegories on New Years Eve because we were with 3 gringos and one Latino and didn’t want him to feel left out.

The mission leader is getting married in Guatemala so he’s gone almost this whole month. And for some reason he thinks that that’s more important than taking us on the hike?

Jeezz choir director! Talk about 2nd best calling ever. Its ok mom, the people that act like they know anything about being a choir director really really don’t. So you’re in better shoes because you will at least be humble about the fact that you don’t know anything. And you definitely got the easiest topic for a talk! Tell them that there are 2 missionaries in Gladstone ward that are working for the Gladstone ward. People don’t understand that the missionaries are not in Gladstone because they are going to get a gain out of it. They’re put in a ward where they know no one but want to serve and help them. They are there to help the members there to build Zion in Gladstone. And members don’t understand that. Challenge everyone in the ward to pray that next week about who they can share the gospel with and give that name to the missionaries the next week. And they will do the rest. Read Alma 29:10 and bear your testimony and you’ve got a talk. I don’t really know what you can report on me. I’m serving the lord what more do they need to know? I was talking to my branch president yesterday and he was telling me that it takes 24 months to figure out how to be a missionary. And then when you know, you’re ready to go home and preach the gospel. Right now I’m in training for my life to go back to Oregon and baptize everyone there. It would all be a waste if I learned all this and then did nothing with it.

L Tom Perry for Stake Conference! What the fetch I’m so jealous! You gotta go sit front row!

No comment about Luke (getting to go to the Ducks National Championship game)

It’s the most frustrating thing when we bring investigators to Cariari and they don’t even say hi to the new investigators. Sunday a member was telling me that we need to work on Kimberly because sometimes she leaves right after sacrament but not one time has she been approached by a member and invited to classes. When we’re in Sunday school she sits by me and no one near us. I do everything I can to help these people come to church and the members won’t even smile at them. La Rita is different. Everyone there’s awesome and helps soo much. Yesterday we were hoping for a big turnout of investigators in Cariari and when it started there were none. I was so depressed. Then all at once 3 full families came in and I had to run and set up more chairs in the back because there wasn’t room for all of them. I sat in the middle of all of them with I’m sure the biggest smile on my face the whole time. Afterward the branch president went of on me saying that’s the most people that have ever been in the sacrament meeting before and thinking me for all I do. And apologizing for how lame all the members are.

I feel much better now I was only feeling sick for a week or so. I’m eating well don’t worry about that. Every family we visit feeds us. We eat too much. And we have an investigator that works in an ice cream shop and will hook me up with an ice cream cake for my birthday. She gives us free ice cream anyway. But yes, I’m sure Hermana Pacita will definitely hook me up on my birthday.

The other day I was behind Jose’s house with him and Carlos and Luis and Carlos yelled, “look an iguana!” And so we saw an iguana on a fatty leaf branch on a tree. They didn’t even hesitate on what to do. They got a fatty stick and tied a little knot on it and reached up and snagged his neck and pulled him down and he was freaking out and they just grabbed it and started playing with it. I thought that would be exactly like how I would have been if I grew up here. To know all the silly little tricks of grabbing iguanas and exploring the jungle. But I didn’t grow up in the jungle so we just went skateboarding. I took a video of it but it’s too big to send so I’ll send pics of it...

I think i gotta go.. I love you. Go ducks

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