I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Week 8 in Cariari

My buddy Dyrana
There’s family that we eat lunch with every Sunday in la Rita and they have a little girl that’s 6 and is so cute. I showed her a picture of Gwen and she was very excited and started drawing a picture for me to send to Gwen.
Happy pday! Everything has been going good here. We’ve been working hard and yesterday we had 39 people in Cariari which I’m pretty sure is the most they have ever had in the history of the branch. There’s usually between 15-20 so that was exciting to see. Everyone was so excited in the branch to see the chapel so full. President Galvez called us last week and told us that Cariari is dying and if we can’t get it going then after we leave he’s going to close the area for missionaries for a while. So we busted it and got people there, which was great. We are going to have 2 or hopefully 3 baptisms this month in Cariari so that will be great for a branch who hasn’t had a baptism in years and doesn’t have a lot of motivation to do missionary work.

Porfirio is doing well. Our lessons with him are always really good we taught him about keeping the Sabbath day holy yesterday and it was actually really good. I think he’s making progress to the decision to get married. He’s seriously really strange though. You can tell he feels really lonely. And I’m certain he’s never laughed or cracked a smile in his life.

Hermana Pasita is cooking for us every day and it’s fantastic. We eat in her house. It’s a normal small Costa Rica house. It costs us 30,000 colones each month, which is about $60 US, but its soo good and she makes so much I’m always soo full when I leave. I wish you could try some of the stuff she makes. It’s sooo good! You should look up a recipe for gallo pinto and make it. It’s soo good. And make some fried plantains which are my favorite thing now and super easy to make. I make them myself sometimes. Just dice em and fry em. But Hermana Pasita makes em a special way and they’re super sweet and delicious. You guys should have a tico night sometime and try to make gallo pinto and fried plantains and some sort of fresco. I’m sure there are some great recipes online.

I’ve eaten so much weird stuff I forgot the stuff that I used to not like. I never liked eggs but when there are scrambled eggs sitting next to mondongo (cow intestines) you are excited to see the eggs.

In the house Elder Felipe just studies like crazy which is good because I’m pretty sure he has the entire bible memorized and watching him argue with people is the greatest thing. Yesterday we met a lady and she started the lesson by going on about like 50 things about how our church contradicts the bible and after she had talked for about 15 minutes I saw Elder Felipe going through his bible and getting scriptures ready. When she was done he said ok, are you finished? and she said yeah and he went offff and was super calm but showed her scripture after scripture showing her she had no idea what she was talking about and about how she doesn’t understand what the love of Christ is. and afterward she gave us some fresh delicious pineapple juice. It’s not a lesson if you don’t get a fresco of some sort at the end.

Yep I got to hang with Warner again and I’m always with Elder Malan (when we do divisions) who is way cool but he's super trunky already and has like 7 months in the mission. It always makes me really homesick when I’m with him.

Our landlord is Dionisi and everything is really good. He’s seriously the silliest oddest guy ever. But we can hear everything he does in his house because it’s part of our house. And we have reasons to believe he has problems with the law of chastity. So that’s what we’re teaching next.
That’s the most terrible thing ever that your purse got stolen! I want to just hate humans when I hear about stuff like that. But in the end if we are doing what we are supposed to I know that everything will be ok with everything.

Hey there awesome news about the Ducks again! Is Arizona ranked? Should that be a problem for next week? Just a bigger name win I suppose. Go Ducks go Rip City.

Alright we're heading out. I love you all keep reading and keep praying. I love you very much and appreciate what you do for me!

Elder Graham

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