I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Week 10 in Cariari...what a crazy week!

Baptism of Kimberly and her mother Idalia
Elder Graham, Kimberly, Elder Felipe, Idalia, Kevin

Wedding of Kimberly and Jaison

Limon, sweetest little town

Helloo. This past week was nuts. We had divisions almost every day. Tuesday the zone leaders came and I went out with one of them and Elder Felipe went to Guapiles. Wednesday I went to Puerto Viejo, Thursday we spent the day in Guapiles and Friday don’t ask how but somehow with all the divisions I ended up in Limon! It was sooo sweet! I loved it! It’s such a sweet beach town with sweet little beachside shops. The missionary’s house there is right on the beach and so we walked up and down it all day. There was a million kids playing soccer on the beach and there are about a million soccer goals every 100 yards or so on the beach.

Then Saturday I came back home but didn’t make it back in time for the wedding which was unfortunate but we went to their house for the party thing. The weddings here are nothing like in the states. They’re just no big deal. And they were excited when they saw I had a camera because I could take a few pics of them on their wedding day. If I didn’t have a camera they wouldn’t have had any pictures. And the ones they have are just at their house after, so I got a few pics with them.

Miguel and Gissel didn’t get off work last Sunday so they didn’t get baptized. You have to go to church first. But their son Jaison went and was all good to go to be baptized but come Sunday morning(we had to change the day to Sunday before church) he didn’t come. We ran to his house and he wasn’t there so he didn’t show up to his own baptism which was retardedly frustrating.

Saturday night we went over to talk to Dionisio and he said he needed one more week to prepare... We had a long lesson just trying to convince him that Sunday was his day but he is convinced that he will be more prepared next week... He’s been acting really weird and he’s had his girlfriend at his house every night and I’m pretty sure she has something to do with it.

So Sunday morning Idalia and Kimberly showed up for their baptism. I was very frustrated before but when they finally showed up and were so happy and excited and I got to see them baptized it was a great experience. We have worked very hard with them and the missionaries have worked hard before I got here. And I confirmed Kimberly which was a tad scary but I’m glad I got to do it. It’s great that we had the baptisms, but it’s hard because I don’t really see the ones we got, I see the ones we lost...

So the zone leaders told Elder Felipe that his going to be transferred and become a zone leader the next transfer so we’re 90% sure he’s going so hopefully his present from you can be gifted to whoever is my companion then. I don’t know how I feel about getting a new comp. I want a cool gringo that I can be friends with. Like Malan. We get along way well and it would be super fun to have a comp like that.

Thanksgiving was alright. It was set up by an American lady in Guapiles. It was really nice of her to feed all of us and everything and she made it all like the American thanksgiving food but it made me a tad homesick. I wish we just didn’t do anything for thanksgiving because in all honesty I wouldn’t have remembered if it wasn’t for that and for you telling me it was thanksgiving.

Christmas I still don’t really know about yet. But it’s a Saturday so were going to try and have some baptisms that day so that will help me get through it. We will just go visit investigators and members. Its really just going to be a normal day..

When I was in Limon we were walking by this store and this HAGGARD drunk lady runs out and grabs my arm hard and tells me I need to go to her house and save her family. I’m not going to say she only had one tooth because I can’t judge. She may have had more that I didn’t see but for now, well, say she had only one. She was foaming in her mouth and honestly the grossest lady I’ve ever seen. We told her that we were busy right now but maybe we could go by her house later and she was furious and grabbing my face and explaining that I’m an angel and I have the power to save her family. We tried to write down her address so she would let us go but she was just screaming in my face about how I need to go and do some kind of magic that she thinks I possess because I’m an angel. She was grabbing my hand and my face and tried to kiss me and I was like “alright let’s go,” so we just started walking and she was using all her drunken force to stop us from moving. She finally pulled her chest out of her shirt and grabbed my hand and tried to put my hand on her chest. I’ve never been more grossed and weirded out in my life. I just started running for my life. I had no idea where I was running but I just started going and the Elder I was with was really slow so I almost lost him. There are always drunk people yelling at us and trying to stop us but that was just over the top...
It’s pretty cool to be kinda cuisin now knowing what I’m doing. The language has improved a lot in the past few weeks. I’m much faster and I feel pretty good about talking with anybody and understanding. I still write down a ton of new words everyday and try to get em down but there’s a lot of words in the world.

I need to go but I love you! Thanks for everything!
Elder Graham

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