I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Week 7 in Cariari ~ Do Not Be A "Sloth"ful Servant

"My buddy, the sloth, who is actually the scariest animal there is, and could rip me apart if he could move a little faster."

Alrighttt so Sunday night at about midnight we got a call saying that I was getting transferred. So the next morning I packed ALL my stuff all ready to go. I was very confused why I was getting transferred so soon but I was excited to see where I was going to get to go! So I packed up completely and was dreaming all Monday about where I would be sent. Then Monday night I got a call saying I was staying. Not gonna lie the whole thing made me really mad. I wasn’t mad that I had to stay; I was mad that they would get me all riled up about leaving then tell me I’m staying. So anyway all my stuff is still packed and I’m too stubborn to take it out.

Last Sunday we had the best lesson I’ve had. We were in a lesson with a guy named Porfirio who is very serious and a school teacher and very smart but a tad strange. We taught the law of chastity and said he needed to marry the lady he’s living with to build a family for his kids. He said he didn’t want to and never wants to get married because he’s from a family that was broken and he’s never seen in his life a happy family. So I had a strong prompting to take out a picture I had in my backpack of our family. I almost never bring my pictures with me so I just grabbed them for some reason that morning. I showed him the picture and I was like outrageously crying to where I couldn’t talk and talking about how it’s possible to have a happy family and that that’s where happiness comes from in this life. He was just silent staring at that picture. And for almost a minute and felt like forever he was just staring at it. He then said how unified and happy we all look and that he’s never seen a picture that had an impact on him like that one did. He said he wanted that for his family and was going to talk with his wife (if you want to call her that.) Afterward Elder Felipe, who in all honesty never talks to me we just always walk silently, said to me that I was the only person that could have gotten to him like that, and that reasons like that are why I’m in this area right now for these people. He said it was all set up by Heavenly Father. It was really cool and felt really good. You guys can feel like you are the ones that really helped him if he ends up getting married and baptized which I really think he will!

Our other investigators are coming along. We have been teaching our landlord who lives in the house divided. He was telling us that a month ago he was having girl problems and was really depressed about her and he prayed to know what he needs to do with his life to know if he should wait for her or search for something more in life. He decided that the next day if she came then that was his sign and if not then he needs to find out why he’s on the earth. That day she didn’t come, but we did, to ask about the house. So he listens to everything we say and is willing to do whatever he needs to do to be baptized. We set the 27th as his date.
Last week we had a zone conference in San José with Elder Filobella? I don’t remember his name exactly but it’s something like that. He’s an area authority of Central America and it was a really good conference. We all got to meet him and shake hands and such and when we were eating he came and sat down right next to me so we got to chat for a while. It was pretty great to have small talk with a general authority. That was all good but lasted 8 hours of us sitting there so I got a little antsy towards the end.

I always love going into San José and walking through the downtown center area. It’s so sweet with all the markets and stuff. I really hope I get to serve there someday. Today starts my second transfer period. We didn’t go to the transfer meeting because it’s so far and costs too much, so we are in Guapiles searching for Christmas presents. I’ve got some pretty good stuff that I’m excited to send, especially for the little ones! It’s too expensive to send Luke’s stuff to him so I’m just going to send it all home and hopefully you can find a way to get it to Luke :) And I took out a bunch of money to pay for it all so hopefully my bank account isn’t suffering too much.

Jose and Carlos are both doing great. We’ve been working hard on their families. Carlos’s family shows promise but are a touch lazy and Jose’s family not much interest, but his brother is really interested and comes to church but lives with his basically wife but not married, and they have kids so they need to get married.

I got to go to Puerto Viejo on divisions again for the 4th time. I feel like I spend more time there then in my area and I get to go again Friday, which is nice because my favorite family in Costa Rica is their cooking lady’s family. It’s my best friend Warner who is in the family I sent the picture of - the little boy there with the hackeysack. He’s so cute! When he sees me he runs up and gives me a huge hug. Stake Conference was last week and he came and sat with me. When he knew I was going to come over for dinner, he made his mom buy fish because he loves fish and thought I would too and I deserved the best so we ate fish and I tried to look as happy as possible eating it and trying to keep it down. With Hermana Pasita this week we ate turtle one day and then turtle eggs the next. The turtle wasn’t that bad but the eggs smelled absolutely vile.

Over on the Pacific coast the weather has been horrible and whipping our cities but I haven’t seen any of that. We are just hearing about how Costa Rica might go to war with Nicaragua and Costa Rica doesn’t have an army so the US is going to help them out. That’s all anyone wants to talk to me about. Do you know anything about that?
The weather doesn’t really change at all. Some days it rains and feels cooler and other days it’s uncomfortably hot. I’m not sure about the Christmas calling situation but I’ll figure it out.

So also for Christmas I’m lacking a little in the belt department if you want to send a nice durable belt any kind I don’t really care. And for ties if you want to send ties all my ties that are silk are all haggard and ruined because of the humidity. But I’m a big fan of the wool and polyester ties. Just keep that in mind if you want to send ties. And also my backpack smells the worst ever in the straps because I just sweat all day in them and I’ve tried washing them but they still smell. Any advice?
Alright well my time is up! But I love you and I hope you all stay safe and happy! Tell everyone I love them.
Elder Graham

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