I have been called to serve for 2 years in the Costa Rica San Jose Mission as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Surprise at the Temple!

 All Night Temple Trip

 Temple with Benita!

My Great Fire!

Temple with Maritza and her future husband

Hello.  This week was a little crazy.  we traveled twice to san jose.  But the temple trip was crazyyy..  We left at 10 on friday night.  They ordered the bus late so we got stuck with your standard yellow school bus..   for 8 hours.   I didnt sleeep att all.  The most unconfortable night of my life.  I dont fit in those buses.  But it was a very quick trip. we got there at 6 in the morning and started doing baptisms and we were the witnesses in the baptisms untill the 9 o clock session then we did that session and left at 12:30.  But the way back was nutsss   a lot of fun.  noone was sitting the whole way and everyone was just messing around and it was way fun.  

I was soo tired when we got back then we had to wake up at 5 yesterday and I'm still running on nothing. Buttt the coolest thing was at the temple. There was Maritza from la Rita and Benita from Cariari.  It was soo awesome to see them.  I wasnt even sure if they would remember me that well or remember my name because noone can remember it because they say its hard to pronounce...  But anywho i just heard Benita yelling my name from way behind outside and she was very happy.  And I was very happy that a year later i saw my converts in the temple.

Today we went on the lonnnggeesstt hike!  We wanted to plan a zone activity so we did.  our branch president said that just beyond his house were some waterfalls and it was like an hour and a half from neilly to them.  So we left early and brought meat and drinks and suck to cook on a little gas stove that he has.  So we went off with a group of sister missionaries on this hike and it turned out to be over 3 hours to get there and some of them were livviddd  because i thought it was just like an hour or so.  So everyone starts taking pictures and stuff and i start cooking with my pres vela.  And very quickly the gas ran out and the gas that he bought wasn't the right kind....  So I was very worried not for the food but because those girls were gonna kill me.  take them all the way out there and then not have anything to eat...So I put some rocks together and some sticks and leaves and built a fire stove and started cooking.  And it actually turned out way good!  It was more fun that way.  I had no idea how to cook ona  real fire like that and to be honest i really had never cooked on anything before.  but i set up a legit fire and cooked it all up and it turned out legit and everyone was happy.  

 As for the family they're doing really well but he's been getting thrown around by his work and she is studying Sundays so they still haven't been to  church...  So we have to wait on the baptism...

Ohh.. and ive had to take a bunch of money out lately foor a few things...  We had to pay 30 bucks for the temple trip.   plus some food that i bought and some suncreen that i bought that was way expensive.. 
Gotta go....love you,
Elder G

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