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Monday, June 25, 2012

Temple Sealing of Jeffery and Jeannette

Hello.  Wednesday was the sealing.  It was pretty amazing.  They had planned to go to the endowment session at 7 then get sealed right after.  But when they got there the people that took them decided that they would prefer the 5:30 session.  Jeffery and Jeannette were both freaking out and said no because the 3 missionaries and the members from Moravia were all coming for the 7 o clock session.  But the people that brought them said that they were driving and didn’t want to get back home too late so they made them do the 5: 30 session.  I got there at like 5: 20. Luckily i got there early and they said that they were gonna do the 5:30 session so i ran in and got changed and was all worried.  Elder Gonzalez and Cabrera didn’t get there in time but we got in and i hadn’t seen Jeffery and Jeannette yet. I was sitting in the room waiting for the session to start and i look over and i saw Jeannette walk in and i felt the spirit so strong. We both immediately started to cry.  Then Jeffery walked in and i got up to hug him and we were both crying. 
Afterward i was just waiting in the celestial room and i saw them both come in last and together and it was the most amazing feeling.  I got to sit there with them in the celestial room.  It’s amazing to be able to have taught them the most basic things a year ago and be able to sit with both of them together answering their questions in the temple. 
Then at that point everyone else had arrived just in time for the sealing.  Me and Elder Cabrera were witnesses.  The whole sealing we were all crying and then they opened the door and all 6 of the little kids walked in dressed in white.  The little girls with tiny little dresses and the little boys with tiny white shirts and white ties.  And I just about lost it.  Then they had them stand all together as a family in the mirrors looking on forever together. They were both crying and took my hand and thanked me for everything i had done.  It made me understand a lot more why I’m really here and the potential i have to help people make changes.  They had a lot of things they had to change when we first began teaching them and thinking back to the first night i met Jeannette, and then to the temple i don’t think for the rest of my life i will be able to think about it without crying.
But i gotta dip.  Love you....
Elder Graham

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